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Why our Laboratory

It has become obvious that the country, as well as our county, needs to step forward out of the shadows of the unknown and restart our lives safely.  Our initiative is to provide information and reassurance to the Treasure Coast community through provision of COVID-19 antibody testing to anyone seeking testing. Advanced Urology Associates of Florida (AUAF)’s clinical laboratory is certified by federal (Clinical Laboratory Improvements Act (CLIA)) standards as a laboratory authorized to perform COVID-19 antibody testing,  as well as COVID-19  “High complexity”  nucleic acid (RNA) testing using state of the art PCR technology to identify current infectious status. 

Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance has recommended that COVID-19 testing priority should be given to our first responders, including police and sheriffs’ departments, emergency transport/fire rescue, as well as our providers of healthcare services. By the very nature of their work our healthcare service workers and other first responder personnel are on the front line, and the performance of their duties may bring repeated and often prolonged exposure to those who are currently infectious.  For the safety and peace of mind of all individuals, their families, co-workers, patrons, and the members of the public they serve, determination of antibody presence is valuable information to each of us. Antibody testing (and, where appropriate, determination of current infectious status) can provide valuable information to all of us as our local community and the nation attempts to restart and move forward with our lives. COVID-19 testing, in addition to practices of good health and hygiene, social distancing, and use of personal protective equipment will be among those tools that are recommended “best practices” for the foreseeable future, and likely until such time as an effective vaccine and broad-based vaccination program can reduce and better control the risks of COVID-19 infection. AUAF and its clinical laboratory will soon offer COVID-19 antibody and current infectious status testing to anyone seeking testing.

We as a community need reassurance regarding when and how it is safe to re-emerge, re-engage, and re-energize our lives and the life of our community.  While we do not have all the answers, and where we are not likely to have an effective vaccination program soon, serology (blood) antibody testing (and current infectious status testing, as appropriate) will give each us a better idea of our own exposure and risk to others, who might be at lower risk of relapse or future infection, and the general prevalence of the virus or its antibodies in our community.  This information will be vital to how and when we safely emerge from the pandemic locally, and will give all of us, including our first responders, vital re-assurance as we resume our respective missions during these challenging times.


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