Rationale for AUAF Lab

The Rationale for Utilizing the Laboratory at AUAF for COVID-19 Testing
1.    This antibody test helps identify those individuals who have had a COVID-19 infection as well as those who may have been exposed to the virus and became an asymptomatic carrier.
2.    This serology evaluation determines individual immunity and identifies those who can safely reengage in social and work activities.
3.    We need to determine the safety of our community especially those in confined-population facilities who were at an increased risk such as nursing homes, adult care facilities, prison and jail populations together with their correctional staff.  This will give our first-line responders the confidence to continue their vital work and by extension, the community will have reassurance that it is safe to reengage at an appropriate time.
4.    We can begin to define the future social and medical strategies that would be appropriate for our community.  We expect up to 20% of those who have been COVID-19 infections to have subsequent respiratory diseases.  This has broad implications for the overall health and safety of our community.
5.    Using serology results for the COVID-19, we can concentrate our contact-tracing of infection in our community and determine who are asymptomatic carriers.  
6.    This test gives us the ability to identify convalescent plasma donors.  This may be lifesaving for those who have severe COVID-19 infections or re infections.
7.    Our COVID-19 antibody evaluation will provide information on the efficacy of future vaccines and their ability to produce protective neutralizing antibodies.


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